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Vacuum plating was investigated, Foshan environmental law enforcement inspection zero tolerance

n order to effectively improve the village-level industrial park in the district, on July 17, the Shunde District Environmental Transport and Urban Administration (Environmental Protection) jointly launched the "Three Hundred Days" special action with the security supervision, public security, fire control and other departments. .

1. The washing process of a certain hardware products company in Foshan City is being produced. The washing waste water flows through the pipeline to the lower washing waste water tank. The submersible pump in the washing wastewater tank is connected to the outside of the window.

The vacuum coating line is also being produced during the on-site inspection. The cleaning wastewater generated during production is collected into the rubber tank through the pipeline. The hose in the rubber tank is connected to the bathroom floor through the soft tank cover. The site has been ordered to stop its illegal activities. Law enforcement officers are planning to investigate and deal with the case.

Second, law enforcement officers found that there is an expansion scale of a vacuum coating plant in Lunjiao, Shunde District. There is no signage for hazardous waste storage sites, and environmental problems such as hazardous waste transfer contracts have not been signed.
In response, law enforcement officers issued the "Environmental Supervision Opinions" on the spot, ordering enterprises to immediately stop illegal activities, and immediately sign a hazardous waste transfer contract, requiring enterprises to standardize hazardous waste storage sites.

The scale of expansion shall be reported to the environmental protection department for approval. It shall not be put into production before the approval and acceptance procedures have been passed, and it is impossible to continue to produce.

In the next stage, Shunde District Central Transportation Management Bureau (Environmental Protection) will continue to maintain high-pressure law enforcement on environmental protection issues in village-level industrial parks. The actions will continue unabated, and the efforts will not be reduced. Zero-tolerance will be imposed on illegal enterprises to crack down on environmental violations.



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