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Stainless steel pot correct use instructions

Stainless steel kitchen utensils have the advantages of less smoke and less oil, making it gradually become the mainstream kitchenware in our kitchen. There are many people who like stainless steel kitchen utensils, but the ones they really use are very poor. So many people will think that stainless steel cooking utensils are easy to stick and difficult to clean.

If you want to tame the stainless steel pot, you must first get rid of it from the wok cooking technique. Stainless steel pots and old-fashioned iron pots are inherently different. The methods used are wrong, or they are so messy that they have to be coke-free. Stainless steel pot has good thermal conductivity and heat transfer, and durability, even if the pot is still warm state after a long time after the fire. Therefore, the use of medium and small fire can be, we must pay attention to the fire does not exceed the bottom of the pot, one side of the food Chaojiao, but also can prevent the pan yellow or black.

Now enumerate how to use stainless steel cookware and how to use it:
First, first talk about the maintenance of stainless steel cookware to pay attention to three points:
1. Before using the pan for the first time, use the white vinegar to warm it and wash the pan once. Then rinse it with hot water and dry it inside and out.
2, do not long-term bloom acidic or alkaline foods.
3. Do not dry the pan for a long time. Continuous drying will cause deformation of the pan and serious damage.
Second, stainless steel pot heating should pay attention to methods;
Stainless steel pots are not easy to clean, and their materials are different from iron pots. Therefore, when using them, do not use the thinking of using iron pots. Use small and medium-sized fire as much as possible. Reduce the yellowing or blackening of the pan; do not dry the pan for a long time.
Don't worry, the qualified stainless steel cookware has better thermal conductivity and durability. After the fire is turned off, the pan is still warm for a long time.
Third, stainless steel cookware cleaning;

Stainless steel cookware looks good, but cleaning is a big problem, especially for light cookware. Wiping with a rag, baking soda, or a little hot water can still slow the stain to a certain extent, with minimal damage to the pan. It is the best and most effective method for civilians. Some people worry that baking soda will not destroy stainless steel, but it will not. The baking soda solution has a pH of 8.5 or less and is slightly alkaline. Its particles are soft crystals. The hardness is similar to human nails or gold. After wetted with water, the crystal's edges and corners can be melted. Therefore, as a friction agent, not only can the dirt on the surface of the utensil be removed, but also it will not cause damage to the pan. More than toothpaste and salt. In addition, you can also purchase stainless steel cleaners by applying a layer of 5-10 minutes on the surface of the pot and rubbing it with a soft cloth to remove stubborn stains.

It is not recommended to use a steel brush to brush. It is also not recommended to use abrasive particles such as detergency powder and salt to rub. Especially the high-gloss polished stainless steel cookware, once wiped, you discovered that the pot was clean, but the polished surface was completely destroyed.
There are also some factors that cannot be ignored that affect the maintenance of stainless steel cookware. Also note that:
1. Do not wash the pan with cold water immediately after each use, so as to avoid generating a lot of water mist, making the pan utensils difficult to clean, it is recommended to use warm water for cleaning;
2, can not use hard and rough material to wipe the outer surface, so that the surface of the pot body will be injured, with a sponge cloth.
3, do not use strong alkali or strong oxidizing chemicals, such as bleach, sodium hypochlorite and other cleaning
Fourth, on stainless steel pot with non-stick function;
Stainless steel pot with non-stick function, the key is that you have to master the temperature, when the pot is hot enough, the temperature of 160-180 degrees, can achieve the effect of non-stick food. We use a stainless steel pan to cook and stick. This is not a pot problem, but a problem with the method of use. To prevent the stainless steel pan from sticking, there are two good preheating methods:
The first method: Heat the pan on the heat source (not exceeding the bottom of the pan) and heat it for 1 - 2 minutes. Sprinkle a small amount of water into the pan until the water droplets condense in the center of the pan. , then the temperature has been reached. If the water droplets are sucked dry or jump around, then the temperature has not yet been reached, you need to continue heating. After the temperature is reached, turn to a small fire, pour the oil, spread the oil in the pot evenly, you can directly fry fish or other sticky food.
The second method: cold oil pan, the oil directly into the pot, until the oil is heated to produce oil in the pot spread to the edge of the pot, indicating that the temperature inside the pot is enough, then put food cooking. However, this method has a drawback, that is, the cleaning of the pot is more troublesome.



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