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Attention: The Fifth Government Environmental Protection Inspectorate has settle in the stainless steel town of Guangdong!

[51 stainless steel] On June 21, recently, downstream customers have feedback to us. Some stainless steel polishing and product-related small-sized processing orders in Jieyang and Chaozhou have been affected. Manufacturers said that they may be facing environmental issues then delay delievery time.

According to market customer feedback, the news they received from suppliers was this:

Dear customers, Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau will arrive in Caitang (hometown of stainless steel) for a week-long rectification tomorrow. At that time, some factories may stop production and production may be interrupted. Therefore, if you want to place an order. Customers who place an order must pay close attention to the time. Next, they may face the situation that the specifications are not complete and the price fluctuates.

Yesterday, another piece of content received by the [51 Stainless Steel] network was displayed as a notice from the Caitang Town Center:
【Chaitang Economic Development Center】The 5th Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate will be stationed in Chaozhou this evening. All stainless steel production companies are required to attach great importance to it and conduct serious self-inspections. The pollution prevention and control facilities in the polishing workshops within their respective enterprises must ensure normal operation. Masks and overalls should be worn at the start of construction to establish a polishing shop running account (record). The inside and outside of the workshop should be kept clean and tidy to ensure smooth supervision by superiors. If the environmental protection facilities of individual companies fail to operate normally, the company must consciously suspend operations for rectification. Ensure that there is no mistake in environmental protection issues. The town will organize relevant personnel to carry out on-site inspections and supervision. The enterprises that are not in place to rectify or rectify the changes are still in production. The town will severely ban the crackdown and ensure that the environmental protection rectification really achieves substantial results.

During the investigation of the 51 stainless steel network, it was discovered that many stainless steel factories in Jieyang and Chaozhou have feedback that the environmental inspections of recent large and small scales may be no less than 3 times. Self-inspection, superior inspection, and layer-by-layer inspection to increase the investment in environmental protection equipment , we must do a standard, orderly production.
However, in the process, some small workshops of the type of polishing, 8K, and small-item production types need to increase the cost, so that they simply stop production. Naturally, there are stainless steel processing manufacturers and customers who say that the production is affected and may stop production. The phenomenon of failure to submit orders on time.
As a result, it has affected the orderly operation of some regular rolling plants, the processing of small pieces is not smooth, and the rolled tapes cannot be delivered.

[51 stainless steel] net noticed that the recent Caitang Shizheng on the stainless steel polishing pollution assault remediation action made a topic entitled "environmental improvement | Caitang Town, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province: the elimination of illegal polishing, consolidate the results of rectification" special report, inspection group Reexamination of the polishing production enterprises that have completed environmental protection rectification in Caitang Village and Yuanqian Village respectively requires enterprises to strictly comply with the requirements of environmental protection regulations, strengthen health management, timely and properly dispose of the discharge of polishing dust and other wastes, and ensure that enterprises Regulations for production.
In the absence of proper discharge measures and poor pollution control, the inspection team implemented stoppage of power supply on the spot, issued a total of 11 notifications of power outages, suspended 15 rectifications, and seized 11 power meters.

On June 8th, Caitang Town carried out a stainless steel polishing pollution assault rectification operation. The mayor Cheng Huankai led the inspection team of the staff of the relevant functional departments of the town's economic management office, safety supervision station, and power supply station to report information to the public. Conduct troubleshooting and rectification.

Cheng Huankai, Caitang town chief, stressed that we must do our utmost to do a good job for the central environmental protection inspectors to “look back and see” various inspections. We should use this as an opportunity to highlight problem-oriented issues, complete and thorough rectification of feedback issues, and speed up the completion of Town ecological environment construction is short.
According to a report from Chaozhou TV Station, on the afternoon of June 12, according to reports from the public, the Chaozhou Environmental Protection Bureau and Chao'an District Environmental Protection Bureau jointly conducted a joint law enforcement inspection of a plating processing plant in Caitang Town, Chaoan District. As the processing plant was suspected of crimes of environmental pollution, the police took the person in charge of the workshop to cooperate with the investigation.
The environmental protection department pointed out that if the heavy metal discharge exceeds the standard by more than 3 times, it may be suspected of environmental pollution. Stainless steel is the traditional pillar industry of Caitang Town. Chaozhou City has also expressed its determination to use environmental protection supervision and supervision as an opportunity to continue to promote the environmental protection of stainless steel and promote industrial transformation and upgrading:
1. Continue to increase the remediation of polishing pollution in the stainless steel industry
Resolutely banned illegal and irregular polishing, electroplating, and electrolysis plus workshops, strengthened the tracking and supervision of enterprises that have completed rectification work, strengthened the main responsibilities of enterprises, and truly put the polishing pollution treatment work into effect.
2. Accelerate the planning and construction of the centralized polishing area in the metal surface treatment industrial park
Learn and plan, strongly promote, and strive to build a metal surface treatment industrial ecological park and a new centralized polishing area as soon as possible to provide a green development platform for the stainless steel industry.
3. Continue to do administrative services related to environmental protection procedures
3 Continuously improve the environmental protection procedures, guide and assist the stainless steel production enterprises and polishing farms in supporting relevant pollution control facilities, and urge the stainless steel industry to be healthy and sustainable.



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