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Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Culture

Interpretation:QANA-Quality Agreement Never Abandoned. In Chinese:Quan Xin Quan Yi, Hai Na Bai Chuan.

Quan Xin Quan YiPut all energy into into it;

Hai Na Bai ChuanA wide range are included, but also large in number.

When one does something, as long as put all energy into it, it will gain good results. The same as a enterprise, it is essential for Artisan Spirit for the development of a company. Not only for customers but for ones development, we should try all the best. Of course, challenges and opportunities going hand in hand during the process of development and stability, fast changing, it is most significant for us to have an attitude of hug and acceptance. Hai Na Bai Chuan is a kind of positive version and confidence when faced with changes, it is also a great love of the spirit of enterprise.

Enterprise version

The mission: To make the cooking and diet of every family become elegant and enjoyable

The version: the kitchenware of QANA known all over the world;

The values: Quality, innovation, integrity and excellence

The talent view: Dedication, respecting talents, people-oriented


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